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Care of bare hoofs in winter

Terrain changes can create treacherous conditions. Once soft smooth footing can turn to uneven rigid protuberances. Watch for change in your horse’s environment and use caution when required. Let’s face it most of us ride less during cold weather, but standing in a stall can create energy abundance in your horse. Rather than have him spontaneously blasting around in dangerous footing, throw on your Cavallo hoof boots, (with studs if required) and go for a nice controlled ride – sheds a better light on the day for both you and your horse. If deep snow is the issue, use your Cavallos for turnout to manage snow balling.

Adequate water intake is important to hoof health and overall hydration. You may need to keep a kettle in your barn to warm your water buckets with hot water or bring water from indoors. A little salt in the feed will encourage them to keep drinking.

If your horse is very sedentary, watch the caloric intake. Allow your horse to keep warm and spend more time eating by adding more roughage and less grain.

And don’t forget you can share in $50,000.00 in prize money on ACTHA rides when wearing Cavallo hoof boots.

Happy Winter Trails from Cavallo!

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