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Hope for Life After Laminitis on Horsemanship Radio

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Hope for Life After Laminitis

I recently had the honour of being a guest on Horsemanship radio. My host and long-time friend, Debbie Loucks, interviewed me and we had a lot of fun. In this episode, I address the difficult issue of Laminitis. It’s by far one of the most feared hoof ailments that affects horses globally.  I speak specifically to the non-professional horse owner about the prevention, understanding, and treatment of laminitis. I also share hope for life after laminitis. That Laminitis is curable with proper, realistic, and appropriate information.

A Job I’m Proud of

At Cavallo, one of the most common reasons people reach out to us is for help with Laminitis. I’m proud to say that Cavallo Boots have a long, proven track record of keeping horses on their feet while healing from an attack. Cavallos can be worn almost 24/7, to fully protect the hoof and absorb excess shock. The relief experienced by a horse can be seen instantly.  We receive emails every single day, thanking us for how the boots helped their horses.  To say that my job makes me happy is an understatement.  Every single letter that comes our way makes me smile.

Carole Herder t- hope for life after laminitis

Stay Tuned – A look at the Horses of Sable Island

Later in this episode, Tabitha Cox tells us about the fascinating Sable Island horses.  Incredibly, these animals survive the harsh elements of a mostly barren “island of sand” on a small near Nova Scotia.

Please listen in and join us!

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Wishing you happy, Laminitis-free trails,

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