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CLB is Now the Official Hoof Boot of the American Miniature Horse Association

Cavallo CLB Official hoof boot of the AMHA

Did you know the CLB is now the official hoof boot of the American Miniature Horse Association?

Cavallo is proud to announce that the CLB (Cute Little Boot) Hoof Boot has been selected by the American Miniature Horse Association as the Official Hoof Boot of the AMHA!

Two Passionate and Active Communities Unite

I’m thrilled about this new partnership!  The AMHA has long been known for their celebration of the miniature horse, and their passion for breeding, showing and driving activities. The Cavallo brand is synonymous with the appreciation of horses and the provision of equine comfort and protection. Our CLB Hoof Boot offers miniature horses full protection for all activities enjoyed by minis and their owners.  It just made sense for us to come together and we couldn’t be more excited to be working with this great organization!

The AMHA also recently commented on our exciting partnership: ““The American Miniature Horse Association is proud to partner with Cavallo Boots, our official horse boot!”.

Megan Postletheweight and Hughie after winning at AMHA World Championship

Megan Postletheweight and Hughie – AMHA World Champions

The Four Cornerstones of CLB Use:

Safety During Therapy Work – The CLB offers therapy minis great grip on Interior floor surfaces (hospitals, care homes, etc.)

Driving – Minimizes fatigue by offering shock absorption on asphalt. The CLB also provides a barrier against the discomfort of sharp gravel and uneven ground

Hoof Rehabilitation – gives comfort and protection to minis experiencing painful hoof conditions (such as Laminitis), allowing minis to keep moving during rehab, keeping blood circulating to the affected areas and bodily functions on track)

Trails and turnout– Offers traction on trails, and studs can be added to assist navigation on ice and snow (keeping minis active during Winter months)

CLB New Sizes Added

The CLB “Cute Little Boot” is now available in two NEW sizes (M1 & M4) to accommodate the smallest and the largest miniature horses and ponies.

To view the Cavallo CLB product page, please CLICK HERE

To find out more about the American Miniature Horse Association, view their website HERE

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