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Emma Massingale

Image of Emma Massingale standing on her Liberty Horses

If you haven’t been following the amazing and talented Emma Massingale, then now is the time to start!

Emma is an award-winning horse trainer, specializing in Training at Liberty. This means she only uses her body language and vocal commands to train horses. She is also the first British person to have developed a language that is understood by horses. Emma can communicate with herds of horses at anyone time. They carry out complex exercises and maneuvres while working as a team.

Image of Emma Massingale with her liberty horses in their Cavallo Trek boots

When Cavallo heard about Emma’s dedication to natural horsemanship, we knew we had to get involved! Cavallo provided Emma with Trek Boots to use during her training to help protect her horses’ hooves and keep them naturally barefoot. This also allowed her to use them on more challenging terrains. Emma’s theory is to focus on not only turning negative situations with problem horses into positive ones, but also be able to create something really special.

Image of Emma Massingale's 9 horses standing together in a field with their Cavallo Trek Boots on

Emma Massingale – Unleashed in the Highlands

Emma recently completed a trip across the Scottish Highlands with two ponies, Hector and Hewie, that were only three-years-old. Before she purchased these two beautiful ponies, they were completely untrained upon the incredible journey. She planned to develop a bond between the two ponies across a 61 mile trek from Alness to Ullapool. It started with the ponies being in halters and lead ropes, unsure of the situation. By the end of the trip, with thousands of acres to run away to, Hector and Hewie were left free and kept close to Emma.

We are very proud to support Emma in her endeavours.  You can find out more on her website at or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

Emma Massingale’s personal ethos being “No Reins…No Rules…No limits!! Simply for the love of horses!”

Image of Emma Massingale and her Liberty ponies standing together wearing Cavallo Trek Boots



Happy Trails,

Image of Cavallo President, Carole Herder with her best selling book "There are No Horseshoes in Heaven".







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