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Friends of Cavallo – January 2019!

Monty Roberts Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots - PTSD Workshop

At Cavallo we have many friends who we like to keep track of, as they’re always up to something interesting!

We Ride Sport & Trail Magazine – Jan/Feb 2019 Issue

The January/February Issue is now LIVE!  This issue includes an article I wrote about barefoot functional hoof tips, great stories by Jeff Wilson, Nancy Slater, Barbra Schulte, Lord Xalvador- Gypsian stallion, Hosanna Horse Haven and MORE…   

Check it out HERE!

Sport & Trail Magazine - January 2019 - Cavallo Hoof Boots











Best of America by Horseback Monthly Newsletter!

This month’s newsletter is about cattle drive weekends, their truck & trailer driving clinic, team penning practice, upcoming rides & events and MORE!   


Best of America by Horseback Cattle Drive - Cavallo Hoof Boots









Monty Roberts – Healing PTSD

One of our biggest passions is Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT).  Our good friend Monty touches our hearts with this regular program that he runs – ‘Horse Sense and Healing’.  This workshop is geared specifically to veterans, police, fire fighters, first responders or their family who are dealing with the effects of having experienced trauma or have symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Monty does not charge participants for this workshop, and you can bet that the attendees experience amazing results!

Read more HERE!  

Monty Roberts PTSD Workshop Cavallo Hoof Boots








Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

And what’s happening here at Cavallo?  Jenny got a new dog a few months back, which she adopted from Black Dog Rescue Society of BC.  This rescue brings dogs from the Houston Texas area, where so many dogs are euthanized due to over-population.  Jenny describes the adoption process as “basically exactly like online dating but with a bigger commitment and better results”, as the dogs are adopted sight-unseen after they are posted online.  It was love at first sight when Jenny went to pick up little Panda!  She’s an energetic dog who is thriving in our rain forest setting here in British Columbia.  And our dog Danny-Boy is also a winner in this situation as he has gained a new friend!

dog Panda - Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots

Panda needed a bit of training but she’s now on the road to becoming a very good dog!












Wishing you many happy trails,

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