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Help for Helping Horses

At Cavallo, we spend a lot of time talking about how we help horses. We help horses maintain healthy hooves with our hoof boots. We help horses enjoy easier movement and comfort under the saddle with our saddle pads. We help keep flies and other insects away from horses’ eyes with our fly masks. Cavallo does help horses by providing therapeutic horse products. But we want to make sure we spend enough time talking about how horses help us.  

Horses are companions. The “trusty steed” seems, to us, to be motivated not only by an instinctive, bred tendency to do his job, but also from a spiritual and emotional connection the horse and rider have. That connection heals and helps us the same as all of our good relationships.  

Horses share physical journeys with us. Our horses take us trail riding to places we couldn’t go without them. Before cars, before trains, we rode horses anywhere we didn’t walk. Now we ride horses realizing that, even back then, it wasn’t just arriving where we needed to be that made us appreciate our horses, it was also getting there.  

Horses Work for Us    

And, of course, horses work. Construction, farming, ranching, military service—the part horses have played and still play in helping us with our enterprise is too great to touch on here. But we do want to mention the work horses perform in law enforcement.   

LA County uses Simple Boots

LA County Sherrifs Department Mounted Unit - Photo by Donna Nelsen

Horses provide unique tactical options and visibility to law enforcement and are critical in many crowd control strategies. Horses and crowds are two things we don’t typically think of together, but if you’ve ever seen a horse in action at an event or demonstration, it is impressive!   

 LAPD Trail Ride   

Horse Hoof Boots

Officer Eric Coffey with Cavallo President, Carole Herder

 Earlier this summer, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Mounted Platoon took a trail ride to the Hollywood Sign in Griffith Park. The event wasn’t part of regular duty; it was a fundraiser for the foundation that helps raise money for new horses and training for the platoon. A limited number of spaces were available for people to make the trail ride with the platoon. For those of us sitting now in our homes in the country, the need for horses to help us in this way might seem very far away. For those who have seen the LAPD Mounted Platoon in action, the need is very immediate and very much appreciated.   

Cavallo appreciates hearing about our products being used to help horses in work settings and urban settings as well as those out on rural trail rides and sporting events. Share your stories with us on our blog and Facebook and we’ll enter you in our monthly draw for Cavallo products!

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