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Hoof Boots and Bison

I am writing in regards to a purchase of your Cavallo Sport Hoof Boots.  I recently participated in the Annual Bison Roundup held on Antelope Island in Syracuse, Utah, but would not had a successful excursion without the aid of the Sport Boot.

The Bison Roundup is an annual event where hundreds of riders volunteer to assist the State Park in herding 400-700 head of North American Bison across 10 miles of rocky rugged terrain. The bison roam free on the island but are rounded up each year for vaccinations, health checks, and to keep the herd at a manageable population. It requires a fast well trained horse. I would consider it to be the most adrenalin-pumping, breathtaking adventure that I’ve ever done.

The roundup includes going up steep cliff sides, riding through sage brush and running at high speeds to chase and be chased by large bison. For the past two years I have attended the roundup with my brothers. It has become an annual tradition for us. Both years we have tried to persuade my father to come out with and join us, since he had commented to us originally about how much he would enjoy participating in such a lively event. Everything worked out this year and my dad was finally able to go with us to the roundup.

All plans were going smoothly until a week before the scheduled roundup, when his horse threw both front shoes. Since the horse was recently shod, his hooves were too short for new shoes to be placed. We tried a different brand of barefoot boot on a trail ride but found it difficult in many ways. The boots would not stay on for very long, so we constantly had to stop and put them back on.  The boots were also very hard to put on and take off.  We desperately looked for a boot that a horse could run in, withstand rough terrain, and were also affordable. After reading several reviews, we decided to purchase a pair of the Cavallo Sport Boots.

The boots arrived just in time. We put them on the horse early in the morning and rode with them all day. The horse seemed to handle the new shoes with ease; traversing gullies, streams, and boulder fields. My father said the best part of our trip was running alongside the bison to assure that they did not stampede. The boots held up nicely and we never had to get off and adjust them. I had concerns that my father would be distracted on the ride by always having to adjust the boots, but this was not the case. I was extremely grateful that we had found such a well-made, quality product and wanted to thank you personally by writing this email. Without the Cavallo Sport Boot, we could not have given my father the experience of a lifetime.

I have attached a picture of my two brothers, my dad and me. I am the one wearing the red shirt and cowboy hat. My Dad is the one riding the buckskin.


Clayton Sagers

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