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Barefoot Rock Stars Unite in Canada

Barefoot hoof care rock stars - Dr. Tomas Teskey & Carole Herder

In 2023, Barefoot Rock Stars Have a Whole New Following!

At one point in time, in other circles, the term “Barefoot Rock Star” would conjure up an image of, say, Robert Plant, Paul McCartney, and k.d. lang. But in 2024, in equestrian circles, there are new Barefoot Rock Stars emerging world-wide every day in the world of hoof education and care!

Cutting-edge educational hoof care organizations such as Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners are providing top-level hoof care education and accreditation to a new wave of highly skilled hoof care experts – Barefoot Trimmers. 

As creators of horse hoof boots, we recently went to Regina, Saskatchewan to meet with and celebrate our fellow Barefoot Rock Stars, and it was an experience we won’t soon forget3

Barefoot rock star Robert Plane - photo credit: Pinterest
The OLD type of Barefoot Rock Star: Robert Plant (Pinterest)

Dr. Tomas Teskey - The Ultimate Barefoot Star

We were very pleased to attend the first-ever Canadian Equine Hoof Care (CEHCC) Conference. Greg and I met with many wonderful hoof care professionals, all supporting the ‘barefoot and booted’ hoof care movement. We were honoured to be approached by supporters of Cavallo Hoof Boots and to hear their stories about how Cavallos are changing equine hoof wear – one horse at a time.

A keynote speaker was our good friend Dr Tomas Teskey. It was impressive to see the endless lineups forming for his book signing, which he held at our booth. His book, Insight to Equus, Holistic Veterinary Perspectives on Health and Healing, has become a holistic hoof care bible for many. Savvy barefoot horse owners and practitioners also may know Tomas for his ground-breaking article, The Unfettered Foot: a Paradigm Change for Equine Podiatry, published in the Journal of Equine Science 2005.

Carole Herder with Tomas Teskey Canadian Equine Hoof Care Conference

Incredible Dedication - Meeting Passionate Canadian Hoof Care Advocates

Another highlight of the event was meeting up with the founders of Hoof Help Canada, who are doing a fantastic job promoting Cavallo Boots in Canada. Amanda Lynn was very appreciative of the awesome customer service that they get from Cavallo and they love the same-day shipping sent from our Canada warehouse, too (We also offer same-day shipping from our USA warehouse to our American customers!). We look forward to continuing working with these Canadian barefoot rock stars, who are devoted to equine welfare and all to do with barefoot and booted…in Cavallos!

Greg also spent some time with Rachel Gedaliya, one of the founders of the Canadian Equine Hoof Care Association, who organized this wonderful conference. CEHCA was established to promote and educate about the importance of a holistic view of equine podiatry and to unite hoof care professionals for the good our equine friends. Cavallo is proud to support and promote the CEHCA mission and we look forward to continuing our association with them.

Tomas Teskey signing boots at Regina Hoof Care Conference 2023

Ready to Step Onto the Stage? Become a CAVALLO Barefoot Rock Star!

Booting horses has gained increasing acceptance worldwide. At Cavallo, we’ve been at it for some years now, distributing tens of thousands of Cavallo Hoof Boots around the world every year for both shod and barefoot horses alike.

As a qualified hoof care pro, providing correct care is vital to ensuring our equine friends live a healthy, comfortable life. If you are a Trimmer or Farrier in USA or Canada, you are welcome to join our Cavallo Associate Sellers’ Program to ensure this continued successful hoof care outcome for horses! 

Want to join? Just click below to send us a message, including your name and a link to your hoof care website of Facebook page:

Cavallo Associate Seller - Barefoot horse hoof trimmer - Solenne Wagner Quebec
Cavallo Associate Seller Solenne Wagner

Wishing you many happy trails,


Cavallo President Carole Herder signature
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