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Your Cavallo News – December 2023

Celebrating Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Community


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The Little Cavallo Rider that Could

8 year old Cavallo Hoof Boots Rider on Endurance race

“I have this picture I found which was this year (2023) doing a 30-mile endurance race with my 8-year-old daughter riding bridleless and coming out of a river in Idaho. It shows the Cavallo Boots on her horse’s feet – it’s an awesome picture. Feel free to use it how you wish! We both use these boots and they never come off and have held up through lots of abuse.”
– Kimber Skaggs

What YOU'RE Saying!

Minnie - mini horse with Laminitis helped by Cavallo CLB Hoof Boots

Laminitic Rescue Mini Helped:

“Here is a photo of Minnie, one of your grateful customers, in her CLBs. Minnie was rescued almost two years ago with FORDs Equine Sanctuary in Michigan. She has been wearing the boots for over a year now, and they have helped her tremendously as she suffers from chronic Laminitis issues.”

-Alexa Tortora of Freedom Ride Equine Inc.

To read Cavallo reviews by equine industry experts you know and love, click HERE!

Win a Pair of Purple Trek!

The Horse's Hoof Cavallo Purple Trek Hoof Boot Giveaway

Win a Pair of Purple Trek Boots from The Horse’s Hoof!

Sign up for The Horse’s Hoof Barefoot News (for free!) and get a chance to WIN a pair of Cavallo PURPLE Trek Hoof Boots for your horse! 💜💜💜

On December 31st, The Horse’s Hoof will draw a random winner from their email list to win a pair of FREE Purple Treks! (valid for USA & Canada mailing addresses only)

Be sure to continue your subscription, as they will have frequent contests for great prizes, choosing the winners from their email list!

Patrick the Pony's Book NOW OUT!

Patrick the Pony who became Mayor and his new book
Christmas Gift Alert!

Do you have a little horse lover in your life who would love to spend the holidays tucked into a book telling a TRUE story about how a little CLB-wearing pony named Patrick was elected Mayor of a small town in England?

An English village needed a new Mayor, Mr. Ghastly, who was often very nasty, made it clear he wanted the role as he knew everything that went on and had lived there for so long.

Patrick The Pony was so helpful, he showed everyone how much he cared, but could he really be elected the Mayor? 

Patrick the Pony's new book - How a Pony Became Mayor

Your little one will love getting to know Patrick, and it’s a huge bonus that they can continue to follow him and watch his amazing daily adventures online!

Want to get Patrick’s Book?

In Canada, find it HERE!

In USA, get it HERE!

In UK, buy it HERE!


Cavallo Hoof Boots FAQ!

Is your horse getting the best Cavallo Hoof Boot fit possible? 😮

A great fit isn’t just about the sole size! Here’s an easy trick to make sure your boots always STAY ON. You can also decrease any irritation caused by excess movement this way, by making sure the boots’ uppers are fitting as snugly as possible. This is EXCELLENT for fitting finer-boned horses!

*Please note: this trick works with Trek, ELB, BFB & CLB. If you know you have a finer-boned equine, choosing one of these Cavallo Boot styles is best.

As shown in the video, when fastening your boots, draw the wrap-around Velcro panels to the front on a downward angle when the boot is being fastened. This creates almost a “V-neck” at the boot collar and tightens the fit to the shape of YOUR horse. You’ll notice the difference! You’re welcome! 😉

Grab Life by the Reins with Andrea Wady's Podcast!

Andrea Wady equestrian podcast

There’s no doubt about it – World-renowned horse trainers Andrea Wady and Callie King have a charismatic rapport! Looking for a podcast that makes you laugh while you learn? Look no further!

Andrea is well-known as an ‘equine relationship specialist’. She has had so many incredible equestrian experiences throughout her career. For 18 years, she and her husband Chris lived in Costa Rica, building a thriving ethical horse tour and vacation stay business. It was in there that Andrea filmed the documentary Taming Wild – Pura Vida, showing the adventures of she and her friend Elsa Sinclair crossing Costa Rica on foot with two Cavallo-booted rescue horses!

Now back in Cornwall, Andrea has released her book Crossing Bridges and now guides online students to build better relationships with their horses through her courses Pure Liberty.

Andrea’s new podcast, Grab Life by the Reins, is a joint project with her friend Callie King (founder of Horse Class). After living a life full of twists, turns, and adventures, they’re sharing their hilarious, heartbreaking, and thrilling stories. They’re both authors, filmmakers, adventure addicts and adrenaline seekers. 

 Grab this podcast by the reins now!

Booted Desert Adventures with Jane McKay

Cavallo Hoof Boots on desert terrain

“Hello, fellow riders! My name is Jane McKay. Although I have spent most of my life riding horses and a few years breeding and starting Appaloosas. It was only during COVID that I stepped outside my comfort zone and purchased a seven-year-old, green molly mule to keep things spicy, learn something new and (cough) keep me humble.

Boy, have Minna-Mule and I ever put miles on the odometer since 2019! When I got my mule, I decided to continue with barefoot trimming as I had done with my horses. But spending winters riding in Arizona, however, with its foot-grinding terrain, it didn’t take very long to figure out that I could still do barefoot, but would need some kind of protection for Minna’s feet. 

I ended up purchasing a set of four Cavallos with Pastern Wraps and haven’t looked back. Properly sized, even as horse boots on a mule, they stay in place, don’t rub and provide (in my opinion) more protection than shoes with pads AND without costly re-set fees! An unshod animal ultimately might have the best traction, from what I have experienced, the Cavallos are a very close second.

Speaking of Arizona, one of the areas I ride is the Superstition Mountains. And a cool place to ride near there is Picket Post Mountain, east of Phoenix. The logistics of this location are: easy access, big parking lots, tie rails & washrooms. And then there are the trails themselves…

Tough. Easy. Hard and rocky. Soft and green. Or be brave and bushwhack. However you would like to ride your day, the mountain is visible to give you a general sense of direction. The main trail that circles the mountain contains part of one of forty-three passages that make up the iconic Arizona Trail, which stretches across 800 miles of the state. To download the whole interactive trail map, CLICK HERE.

The scenery is something else. But keep your eyes open because you might stumble across a fossil or two, an interesting nest, some Apache Tears… or maybe even wagon tracks from the last century worn right into the rock! This place is definitely worthy of consideration!”

-Jane McKay

*Watch a fun video clip of Jane and Minna on Arizona terrain HERE!

Wishing you many happy trails,


Carole Herder Cavallo Hoof Boots Signature

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