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Model horses not going for ‘the natural look’

Depending on where you live, October may be the season to ask ‘What are you going to be for Halloween?’ People wonder which costumes might get the most laughs or seem the cleverest or the most frightening. And, inevitably, some can’t resist the opportunity to have fun with the holiday dress-up opportunity at the expense of more helpless relations.

Babies become various fruits and furry animals, small children don clumsy boots and capes and hoods and hats and stumble around dark streets. And, inevitably, photos of dogs circulate widely on the internet. Dogs, powerless to do anything to protect their own dignity, make us ‘ohh’ and ‘ahh’ and giggle. It can seem a moral dilemma as we debate hitting ‘forward’ after enjoying a laugh at these dogs’ expense.

Not exactly a natural horse look

But topping these familiar dog costume images by a longshot are the photos circulating now of horses with hair extensions. Not the therapeutic or show horse variety for a natural horse look, but a human-looking variety of highly styled hair extensions. The horses seem to pose in fashion mag portrait style with hair extensions in their manes making them resemble ‘pony pinups’ as the guilty photographer, Julian Wolkenstein joked.

Julian, Australian commercial photographer, did the photos for fun and says the horses loved the average four hours of grooming and attention it took to get them ready for the shoot. It seems a good time was had by all.  The photos are not new and weren’t done for Halloween, but it’s a great chance to give the poor doggies a break. 

Share horse photos in hoof boots or …

At Cavallo, we love receiving photos of horses. We, of course, especially appreciate horses in Cavallo Hoof Boots and other Cavallo horse products. We also love to see horses in action and horses and riders. Please share photos of your horses with us. We’ll ‘ohh’ and ‘ahh’ and laugh, and we’ll post horse photos featuring horse products or even costumes (as long as they are kind) on the Cavallo blog or Facebook.

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