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Stamp of Approval from Liberated Horsemanship

Cavallo President Carole Herder is proud to announce that Cavallo Hoof Boots have now received the Stamp of Approval from Liberated Horsemanship. Originally founded by Dr. Bruce Nock in 2003, Liberated Horsemanship provides training and services for hoof care professionals, bare hoof enthusiasts and horse people who are ready to learn and change.

“The endorsements are flooding in,” comments Ms. Herder, “Receiving glowing reports from riders all over the world is now a daily occurrence. Cavallo Hoof boots are the boots of choice, not only for us everyday riders and competitors, but for the esteemed riding and training organizations who are marching ahead to create a new world of comfort and protection for horses feet. It’s not just about the comments and the accolades, I am personally thrilled because I now know that every day somewhere in the world a horse is freed of their metal shoes and given the protection and security that Cavallos provide. And with the help of people such as those at Liberated Horsemanship, the barefoot movement is a reality that horse owners can turn to with confidence to support a healthy fully-functioning natural hoof for the fortunate horses in their care.”

Dr. Nock has been a Scientist for 39 years. He is an avid horseman—a dressage and trail rider and dressage instructor. He is the author of several books, including the acclaimed Ten Golden Rules of Horse Training: Universal Laws for all Levels. Although Carole and Bruce have been friends for a several years, Liberated Horsemanship and Cavallo consolidated their endeavors in April 2012 in effort to further provide resources, help and development for the natural care and well being of horses.

Cavallo – Proudly the Official Hoof Boots of:

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