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Best of America by Horseback’s 1000th Episode!

Best of America by Horseback invites riders from all over the world to come and join in their special celebration ride.

Cavallo has partnered with BOABH, as seen on RFD TV, for many years and the team at Cavallo are proud to call Tom and Pat Seay and all the BOABH team as friends. Cavallo Hoof Boots are the Official Hoof Boots of BOABH. In September this year they will be airing their 1000th episode which is going to be a major celebration and YOU are invited. As part of this milestone BOABH want to list EVERY rider and horse that has been part of their wonderful journey. Please take the time to read this letter to be sure you don’t miss out on the celebration!

Dear Friends of Cavallo Horse & Rider and Best of America by Horseback:

We will be announcing in a few days, a grand celebration trail ride!! We are at our 1,000th airing of our television show and want to use this very special occasion to celebrate all of our trail riders!! The “Tribute to the Trail Rider” event will be held in Cleveland, Ohio in cooperation with the Cuyahoga County Chapter of the Ohio Horsemen’s Council this September!

We are trying to contact every trail rider that has ever ridden with Best of America by Horseback over the years. Information from previous rides that was stored in our computer was lost due to a major storm a few years ago, resulting in a loss of many of our contacts and records. Therefore, we are asking for your help as we work to make the most complete list possible of every rider that has ridden with Best of America by Horseback. We wish to honor all these riders during this celebration by listing their names and their horse’s name in our keepsake magazine.

Please contact us to make sure we have you and your horse listed. Also, if you know of folks that were with us, especially in the early years, we would greatly appreciate you sharing this information with them and ask them to contact us as well. It does not have to be just the trail riders; we want to include all the dedicated volunteers or out rider at each event.

I am often asked of all the hundreds of places I have traveled around the world or the beautiful places I have ridden, which are the best? The truth is that it took me several years to fully realize that it was not the place itself as much as the people I was blessed to meet and ride with. These people I have had the privilege of meeting come to mind more often and mean so much to me.

I trust you will ride with me once more, perhaps at Crow Mountain in Alabama in June; Leatherwood Mountains in North Carolina or the Flying R Ranch in Missouri this fall. Or maybe it will be one of the Virginia State Parks or perhaps you can come to my home next week for the “Gathering at the Farm” event. Wherever you can join us, please know how much I truly love being with my viewers and fellow riders. I am so honored to ride with each of you and welcome every opportunity to do so.

Please contact us at 540-829-9555 or email to ensure your name is included in this very special “Tribute to the Trail Rider!”


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