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Find Cavallo Hoof Boots on You Tube

Did you know we have a Cavallo YouTube channel?  We sure do! You can connect with us here to learn how to measure, apply, and use your Cavallos for riding, driving, turnout, hoof rehab and more!  This virtual learning tool gives you the instructions and helpful hints you need from the staff at Cavallo!  Watch our how-to videos on your phone while you’re with your horse in the barn. Or, catch up on the latest news about barefoot hoof care and find out how today’s top riders are switching to ride in boots rather than on metal. Our library is continuously updated and connects you to a diverse community of riders, full of support and acceptance.

What does our YouTube Channel Offer You?

Videos to help you get the right fit and make sure your horse feels great in his boots:

Choosing the Right Boots:

How to Measure for Cavallos: and

How to Apply Hoof Boots Studs for Traction: and

Hoof Boot Fitting Tips: and


Find Cavallo Hoof Boots on You Tube horseWatch Horses Moving at Top speeds and Wearing Cavallo Boots on All Terrains:

Cantering on the Road:

Beach Riding:

Riding on Gravel:

Winter Traction:

Julie Goodnight Testing her Cavallos on Rough Terrain:


Today’s top horse industry experts talk about how they’re booting up their horses, too:

Double Dan Horsemanship: and

Emma Massingale:

Guy McLean:

Pat Parelli:


I frequently post my videos on the channel to help you learn more about barefoot horsemanship. Videos are such a great way to watch and learn. Make sure to subscribe to our channel to see more tips for riding in boots and to find out how our sponsored riders are taking their boots to new limits. This is the place to watch horses thrive and move out with their Cavallo Boots on!

Reach out to Us Anytime!

Along with this great resource, you can always contact us for in-person help or to ask more questions about your horse using Cavallos. We offer top-notch and very personal customer service so you can measure and fit your boots and always be learning more as you go! We love it when you take the time to connect with us.

Visit us online to learn about the full line of Cavallo Hoof Boots. Call (877) 818-0037 from the USA or Canada or call direct, (604) 740-0037. Or catch up with us on Facebook or Instagram, or our online chat feature at

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Wishing you many happy hours connecting with us on YouTube!,

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