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Your Cavallo News! July 1, 2021

Celebrating Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Community
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Announcement from the Donkey Farrier!

Megan Hensley donkey farrier Cavallo Hoof Boots

It’s time to make a donk-umentary! Megan Hensley is taking her talent from filing to filming!

Words from Megan: “I’m so excited to announce that I’m working with Backyard Green Films to film a one-of-a-kind Donkey Farrier Documentary!
We begin filming this August! We’ll visit many very special film locations along the way, including Oscar’s Place Adoption Center and Sanctuary (where this photo was taken!).

I first met Elara & Rick from Backyard Green Films at a Donkey Welfare Symposium. Their recent documentary The Holstein Dilemma is getting rave reviews and was picked up for PBS stations across the US!

I am so honoured that they chose to work with me. I have no doubt that this will help me continue to change the way donkeys are seen and treated, and elevate donkeys within the farrier industry!”

How to Beat a Hoof Abscess

Carole Herder Soaking Hoof Boot

No One Loves a Hoof Abscess

With an abscess, it’s a matter of getting your sore horse through the ordeal. Your Cavallos have two big roles to play here, and I am asked about this often. Here’s a question that came into our Customer Service department that I feel most of us have asked, at some time:

Q: My horse has an abscess that just isn’t healing well. Our veterinarian has helped to treat the hoof, but I would love to hear what has worked well for your customers. How have other horse owners worked with veterinarians and pros to successfully heal abscesses? 


Cavallo Trimmer Spotlight!

Solenne Wagner Cavallo Associate Trimmer Farrier

Solenne Wagner grew up surrounded by horses in France, and she has found her perfect niche as a barefoot trimmer in Quebec, Canada. We caught up with her last week and asked her to share her experiences with you:

Solenne’s Start in France

“I first started as a trail guide in France. My grandfather was a breeder of Selle Français, a breed of sport horse in France. He passed down his passion for horses to me and gave me the opportunity to meet some very awesome people in the horse world.

During my years as a guide, I did some farriery work and loved it. So, when I bought my thoroughbred mare in Québec, I was looking for options to care for her feet myself. My first instinct was not to put metal shoes with studs on her. For me, it meant too much damage to her soft tissues (and a lot of farriers agree😉).

An Evolution of Learning

“I ended up taking a course with Catherine Larose and I was flabbergasted by the evidence of damage caused by metal shoes. I’m not against metal shoes, but I think we have to better understand hoof function and make conscious choices.

Finding her Way

It was my husband’s idea to move to Canada but I was totally on board, as I felt limited working with horses in France. I didn’t find my way there. I have found my niche in Québec, the opportunity to work because of my passion. When I left France in 2007, the barefoot world was really unknown there, and I am happy to have discovered it here in Québec! My business is my passion, and my clients are very much like me – passionate people who take excellent care of their horses.

I mainly serve pleasure horses with good quality of life (they have space, are fed properly and have access to their friends). I think most of the success of a barefoot lifestyle is the way people are keeping their horses. I’ve also cared for a few competitive horses and I’m seeing that, in terms of horse care, these horse owners seem to want to change for the better in this world, too.

I’ve started using Cavallos for protecting horses who are working on hard terrain, but most of all for horses who are transitioning out of metal shoes. I always provide boots to my client. If they are not necessary, that’s fine, but I’m really more confident if I know the client has boots in case their horse is sore. And of course, for founder/Laminitic cases, Cavallos are the best. Inside the boots, we have a lot of space for padding and protecting the hoof.

I think the world of barefoot trimming, there are a lot of women and we offer a kind of service with more communication, which definitely suits some people.”

-Solenne Wagner

Five-year-old rider Emma Jolie Heads Cancer Fundraiser

Cavallo CLB Bling Horse Hoof Boots

Emma Jolie is only 5 years old, but she is committed to raising money for the Children’s Cancer Free Foundation in the Netherlands (KiKa). 

Anoeska Majoor, Emma Jolie’s mother, recently recovered from cancer. Once she was able, she decided to fulfill a dream for Emma Jolie and got her a Shetland pony named Goofy (who lives up to his name!).

Teamed up with Goofy, Emma Jolie wanted to do something for children who, due to cancer, are not lucky enough to be able to go on fun adventures.

Emma expressed interest in riding with Goofy to raise money and gain attention for the Kika, and an idea formed. They planned a long distance ride for July of 2020, where the money raised would go toward giving children with cancer a better chance for a future.

One Serious Little Rider

A very passionate rider, Emma Jolie took training for the ride very seriously! She was also sponsored by FRA Cavallo (our European distributor), who supplied hoof boots to keep Goofy comfy during the distance on hard asphalt. 

The ten-kilometre ride was ambitious for a shetland and a toddler, Emma Jolie wanted a challenge. Since the fight against cancer is an uphill battle, the distance chosen symbolized that struggle.

The ride started in Eemnes and went on to the Lage Vuursche recreation area, with only one small stop for a picnic. At the finish line near Drakensteyn Castle, grandparents, family, and friends were there to give her a huge welcome!

The Icing on the Cake!

Emma Jolie wrote down the names of each and every person who donated the names with her on her ride, so they could join! Her dream was to raise €1,000 for KiKa, but she inspired people so much that the final amount swelled up to €4,024.00! Emma Jolie presented this cheque to Kika immediately after her journey. This moment was the icing on the cake of this fundraiser for Emma Jolie!

What YOU'RE Saying!

"We Were Having Problems with Other Boots..."

“We have two barefoot Haflingers that do Combined Driving. My barefoot trimmer, Lynn Seeley, recommended Cavallo Boots, as we were having problems with other boots staying on in the marathon. Cavallos have been great…never had one come off, twist, or get sucked off by mud! We have studs on them now, as surfaces can be really slick and the studs help to grab. I love them!”

– Theresa (Ginny) Leal, Auburn, CA (Photo credit:
Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots Horse Driving carriage
Wishing you many happy trails all Summer long,
Carole Herder Signature - Cavallo Hoof Boots- Hoof Prints Book - LR

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