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  • Hoof and Cone diagram - Cavallo Hoof Boots
    Sustaining the Hoof – Managing Underrun Heels

    Underrun heels are a degenerative condition when the heel wall angle is less than that of the toe wall. The heel distorts inward and under the hoof rather than slanting outward towards the back. Contrast this to a healthy hoof.  In a healthy hoof, the heel is on an angle away from the toe. This…

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  • Fixing Problems With Saddle Fit

    By Carole Herder I came across two very different backs on horses recently. The first was an old gentleman who had lived a rough life being ridden three times a week for many years, had worn shoes all his life and probably an ill-fitting saddle too. He stood at 17hh (68cm) but did not look…

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