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Take Your Pick!

So, you know you want Hoof Boots, and you heard that Cavallos ARE THE BEST and it’s true! But which style is right for you?

Which Cavallos are YOUR Cavallos? 

Here’s the Lowdown. Every style has the same tough and durable soles, complete with the features you love. All you need to do is get the correct size. Then choose the upper from the different materials, benefits and price that suits YOU.

I’ve been working hard to create this video to give you an overview that can help you decide. decide which boot suits you best!  This video introduces each Cavallo boot, one by one, listing the features and differences.  Simply watch the video and if you need more advice, we are here waiting for your call, live chat or email.

Oh, and you might check out this measuring and fitting video to help you get the right size:

Wishing you many happy trails,

Carole Herder's Signature

Carole Herder's Signature

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