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The Truth about Carriage Horses

carriage horses

Have you ever seen those Carriage Horses at Central Park in New York City?

People may think they are happy and well behaved because they stand there so nicely and do what they are told. As usual, what I see is something a little different. Often times I wish I could simply turn away and accept things. But a life time of questioning and challenge has confirmed that I am quite incapable of compliant behavior. It’s not that I resist everything, it’s just that when it comes to our horses, I question if it should really be so or if the time has come and there is indeed another better way.

The truth about Carriage Horses in most parks and streets is that their conduct reflects what we call “shut down”. They actually don’t have the strength or resilience to do anything other than stand and seemingly behave. But if you look into those big bulbous eyes, you’ll see the sorrow and daily pain those big bodies on those comparatively small feet must endure – those frequently undersized hoofs that carry a 1700 pound draft horse. Metal beating on pavement and sending 800 Hz frequency back up their body, clips all around so there’s no hope of any blood flow, expansion or movement and sole pads preventing frogs from doing anything other than atrophy.

I am not saying “Don’t have Carriage Horses”. I think it’s a fabulous way for people to enjoy the streets of a city and I think horses could really love the work…if it didn’t hurt so much.

So we at Cavallo finally took action in the way we best know how. We spent the money and laid down new moulds, patterned new uppers and developed new sizes so that we now offer the Cavallo Big Foot Boot (BFB). YAY! In sizes 8 and 10, these boots are complete with our signature comfy foam pastern and bulb lining, our incredible shock absorbing TPU soles and flexible bulb leather; the Big Foot Boot is available individually, can fit left or right hoofs, sport a pull tab for easy on and off, are reflective for safety and as always Cavallo renown, are easy on and stay on in any conditions.

It’s been a big investment and we know we won’t sell as many as our standard sizes, but now we sleep better knowing that some of the big guys will benefit from 100% hoof protection as well.

Happy Asphalt and Concrete!

(Download as PDF)

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