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Want a Quick Fix for Thin Soles?

Hearing Great Things from Thin-Soled Horse Owners

One question we’re often asked at Cavallo is if hoof boots can help thin-soled horses. Cavallo Hoof Boots work wonders to help protect soles and add padding to help horses feel better immediately – making a quick fix for thin soles! The boots also provide welcome support as their soles grow out. Horses with thin soles may be affected by changing weather and moisture levels or may need time for their soles to grow out to pad and protect their inner hooves.

Real Stories from People Who’ve Gotten Results:

Back on the Trail Despite Thin Soles

This trail rider chose Cavallo Hoof Boots to help keep her thin-soled Pinto horse on the trails:

“Just wanted to tell you about Java (16) and the boots,” says rider Stephanie Cofer. “I researched the hoof boots like crazy before choosing Cavallo, so glad I made the right choice! Java is the pinto. He is wearing his today for turnout because the ground is frozen, but he normally just wears his for trail riding. He has 3 pairs. He has thin soles and is an ‘in-betweener’ size-wise. We absolutely love your boots. Thank you.”

Thin Soles on Hard Ground  (We’re Blushing!)

“The boots are great, but I’m even more impressed by the company,” says rider Mallory McKewen. “I have one mare who is barefoot that seems to be much happier to move around on the hard winter ground when turned out in her Cavallo Treks. My gelding is shod, but plays pretty hard so has a tendency to pull shoes, and he likes to take bell boots off with his teeth. The Cavallos are not only the perfect solution to keeping his shoes on, but they also provide extra protection for his thin soles and make it such that I don’t need to have the farrier rig him up with corks and snow pads in the winter. While purchasing the boots is a bit of an investment, it’s so nice to see my horses comfortable on hard ground and it’s definitely going to help with the farrier bill for the shod horse.”

Cavallo Hoof Boots for thin soled horse

Zuess – loving his new boots

Instead of Shoes

“Zeus loves his new boots,” says Emily Cottrell. “He was a totally different horse yesterday. These boots added some pep to his step with some sass as well. Thanks, Cavallo for making such an amazing boot. He even got a little upset when I took them off. He has issues with soft and thin soles. Putting shoes on him wouldn’t help so I invested in two pairs of Cavallo Boots. This has helped him so much. Zeus has more pep in his step and is happier. Thanks Cavallo.”

Thin Soles on the Back

Booting the back hooves provided great relief for this thin-soled horse. Check out this report from an excited customer:

“Amazing transformation again,” says Arizona rider Yvonne Morris. “Last year I purchased the Simple Boot Regular Sole boots for my horse Reggie to use on his front hooves. Those were major game-changers and gave me my partner back when I ride. This year, I decided to get a pair of Simple Boots in the Slim Sole for his back hooves, as Reggie seemed to be “off” in the hind. He is 22 years old this year and shows no signs of arthritis or age, but he does have thin soles. I have had him on a great hoof supplement and regular barefoot trims with a great farrier – he is in great shape.

Review for Cavallo Hoof Boots thin solesMy farrier has commended the program he’s on, but I have noticed he has started to not come up under himself like he used to. I finally got to go and work my horse Reggie today. Wow, just wow! Reggie was moving as he used to as a young horse again! He was coming under from behind and extending in the front. He is a Quarter Horse, so he is normally low-legged. However, he was moving out like a totally different horse! I knew the front boots made a difference, but this was amazing! After I lunged him on the soft ground, I decided to see how he would handle the gravel. Reggie didn’t miss a beat or misstep once! I rode him around bareback and only in the halter for a while with happy tears because I was so happy that he was so comfortable moving out. Riding him last year at a big popular trail ride was wonderful with the difference the front boots made. This is even more amazing! Thank you to everyone at Cavallo for developing these amazing boots.”

“Cavallo Trek Boots were God-sent!”

“My girl needed extensive therapy due to thin soles, too much weight and non-rotation laminitic episodes…Whew! My Cavallo Trek boots were God-sent! She needed to wear them when out on hard ground (in the summer months, everywhere is hard ground!) I would keep her on the stall mats for a few hours a day. Most importantly, to let her feet dry out. The boots would get wet from the morning dew and I wanted to make sure her feet had a chance to dry from that dew. Over the past 2 years, she has worn them on many, many trail rides and is now rehabbing in them. They are no longer pretty but still working beautifully. I have changed the Velcro fronts and do put zip ties around those fronts to keep them secure. That works like a charm! She has lost 100 lbs. and we are now out on the trails doing easy rides. I am so grateful that I had the Cavallo Treks on hand to aid in her rehab.”

– Patricia M. Walker

Do you have a horse with thin soles who needs relief? Contact your team at Cavallo to find the style and size of boots that will work best! (Pssst… We’re good at this! Winking Face Emoji | Wink Emoji


Wishing you many happy trails,

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