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Your Cavallo News! August 2022

Spotlight on Yvonne

Our Cavallo Sizing Expert Extraordinaire!

Thank you Yvonne Welz - Cavallo Boot Measurement Expert

If you have commented on our Cavallo Facebook page or  emailed or PM’d us on Facebook requesting help, chances are, you’ve chatted with Yvonne. And when you’re chatting with Yvonne, you’re chatting with an EXPERT. You’ll notice that she doesn’t just answer questions, she also offers education. This is vitally  important, especially if you are seeking help as a first-time boot user, or if your horse is newly barefoot. 

This has not gone unnoticed by all of you, and Yvonne regularly gets fan mail, thanking her for her efforts! You can tell Yvonne is not just doing a job, she’s personally committed to helping you and helping your horse. 

Why? Because she’s been there, too! Just ask Karen Laude and her mini, Chip, who sent this cute photo in!


Yvonne's Background Drives her Desire to Help Others

Yvonne is a lifelong horsewoman with over 30 years of equine management and training experience. Formerly a competitive dressage rider, she schooled many horses up to an advanced level and achieved national awards with them. Always focused on learning, she studied the art of classical horsemanship for over 25 years and she currently runs a small training school.

Yvonne Welz, Cavallo Hoof Boots Customer Service

By founding The Horse’s Hoof Magazine and website in 2000, Yvonne was instrumental in helping to introduce the methods of natural barefoot horse care to the USA. The publication is devoted to barefoot hoof trimming, natural horse care, bitless riding, and ethical horse care topics. Yvonne’s number one passion in life is helping horse owners and their horses stay healthy and happy – so joining the Cavallo Team was simply a “natural” for her! 

Yvonne had our hearts when she explained why Cavallos are her favourite boots: “I had access to many different hoof boots over the years and decided that Cavallo had the best boots. The Horse’s Hoof magazine was neutral when it came to hoof boots, but I’ve been using Cavallos almost exclusively for many years.”

Yvonne's Journey to Barefoot & Booted Bliss

Yvonne’s B&B journey began when her competitive dressage mare went from ribbon-earning performances to walking with signs of pain, and Laminitis soon turned into serious founder. “She rapidly went downhill,” says Yvonne. “We had the top vets and farriers come out to help her and they did a surgery called coronary grooving. She could barely stand.”

Determined to learn how to help her horse, she researched trimmers and how to switch her horse to barefoot. Her husband, James Welz, went to Canada to train to become a barefoot trimmer. He continued his hoof care studies, graduating from the European School of Hoof Orthopedics in Germany in 2001, and soon made trimming his full-time profession. Yvonne continued her own research and saw the need to share what she was learning with a broad audience. She began printing The Horse’s Hoof magazine in fall of 2000. 

“At first barefoot was such a fringe thing,” Yvonne says. “Now it’s NOT fringe. I’m excited to see how much it is mainstream and normal. Removing this idea that you have to put metal on horses’ feet is changing all of horse care.”

Although Yvonne recently discontinued publishing new issues of The Horse’s Hoof to pursue other interests, it has continued on as a valuable online resource. 

What YOU'RE Saying About Yvonne:

"She is Sending Me a FREE Pair of Pastern Wraps!"

Testimonial for Cavallo Hoof Boots Customer Service“I have to give a shout-out to Cavallo Hoof Boots for providing ABOVE & BEYOND customer service. They have worked with me for the past 2 months to make sure that Chase, my 18hh Clyde/TB cross, has a pair of front hoof boots that fit properly (he needed the BFB Big Foot Boots in a size 9.)

I have to especially thank customer service rep Yvonne Welz who evaluated multiple photos and videos in an effort to determine the correct size for a horse with giant flat feet. Yvonne’s email replies were always prompt, supportive and kind, and believe me I sent her way too many emails. 😂 This evening when I checked my inbox, I discovered that she is sending me a free pair of Pastern Wraps that will help improve the fit of the top of the boots. The sole size is perfect, but the tops of the boots are a little too big. The pastern wraps will correct that.

Thanks Cavallo & Yvonne for providing the kind of customer service that is sorely lacking in most places today, but that we all long for when dealing with businesses that offer products and services.” 

Suzanne Cannon

Yvonne Offers an Open Door to Our Valued Customers

“Yvonne, I want to let you know that I am aware there are many choices for boots. However I chose your product because of the personal service you have given me. Something hard to come by in this age of shabby or computer based customer service. Yvonne, you definitely exemplify “Nordstrom” values when it comes to prompt, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable customer service and feedback. Your company is lucky to have you. I will definitely reach out as needed.
– Sincerely, Lori Wheaton

Sizing? Let US Do the Work!

Why Put Yourself Through It When WE Can Do It?

In the barn with your phone in hand? Just drop by our Measuring & Fitting page on our brand new website, where you can simply click a button to upload your photos directly to Yvonne, Krystle, Brigitta and Tina! Follow this simple image to take optimal photos: 

10 Most Essential Horse Matters

Hear My Listener's Choice Interview on Horse Chats Australia!

Carole Herder interviewed on Horse Chats Australia podcast

This email came in recently from Karen at Horse Chats, delivering a huge compliment:

How nice to know that my interview has been rated a Horse Chats listener top favourite! Horse Chats is a popular equestrian interview podcast from Australia. Their mission is to improve the lives of horses around the world through the education of their owners, riders and handlers. It was created for those with a love and passion for horses, the equine industry and related areas – people who have a view to improving their skills/ abilities and expanding their knowledge within the industry.

Equine Industry Experts are chosen for the knowledge they can contribute to horse people, and are experts within their niche. My interview was previously published in 2018. I’m happy that it’s just been published again and that people are enjoying it worldwide! Please have a listen and let me know how you liked it by sending me a quick email at 🙂

Crossing Bridges: A New Book by Andrea Wady

Andrea Wady - new equestrian book Crossing Bridges
Excerpt from Andrea Wady's book Crossing Bridges

Follow this epic story of a woman and a horse.

In this vivid journey, Andrea shares her path from the world of domination and control over horses to awakening to a new way of being. With Zeus’ grace and guidance, the two travel side by side on the trek of a lifetime.

Through the eyes of Zeus, one horse’s heartbreaking experiences in the cruel world of the “two-legs” come to light. Walk with Andrea and Zeus through the indigenous wilds of Costa Rica. Share their life-changing adventure as their paths intertwine, weaving the constraints of traditional human-horse ties into a whole new experience of freedom and natural connection.

This is a book of triumph, celebrating the strength of spirit and what can exist beyond forgiveness.

Quick Tip from a Cavallo User

Marking your Cavallo Hoof Boots left and right

Wait - is that the left or the right boot?

If your boots are well broken-in for each hoof and you want to be able to quickly differentiate the left boot from the right, a simple zip strap cut-down works great! 
Thanks for this great tip and photo, Adriane Leigh. It answers a question we are often asked!

We can’t wait to chat with you! Wishing you many happy trails,

-Carole Herder

Carole Herder Cavallo Hoof Boots Signature
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