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Tackle Winter Safely with Cavallo Hoof Boots & Studs!

Winterize your horse with Cavallo Hoof Boots & studs

Wonderful Winter Riding

When we feel like Winter is coming, we winterize our houses, winterize our vehicles and we buy boots and jackets to Winterize ourselves. What about Winterizing our horses? Winter is the perfect time to pull off metal shoes and keep your horse moving through the colder season. Allow your horse’s hooves to be natural and barefoot at home…then pop on your Cavallo Hoof Boots and Studs when it’s time for a ride!

@borninthestable Trek Snow & ice with studs

Why Risk Injuries or Bruising? We’ve Got Another Way:

Whether your horse is barefoot or shod, Cavallo Boot soles prevent snow and ice from balling up inside the hoof sole concavity and from freezing onto metal shoes. We’ve all seen it – compressed snow can cause painful, subsolar bruising. Partially thawed snow in the hoof often refreezes, creating ice balls that can result in abscesses, hoof discomfort, strained tendons, and ligaments. This effect compromises your horse’s balance and can cause injuries from falls. Frozen, uneven ground can also cause painful sole bruises. Metal shoes can even get caught on debris hidden in the snow.

Read More from Equimed Magazine about Booting your Shod Horse with Cavallos in Winter:

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Tame that Treacherous Terrain

Terrain changes can create treacherous conditions. Freezing temperatures can quickly turn what was once soft, smooth footing to uneven, rigid ground, full of frozen protuberances. With Cavallos, your horse’s entire hoof is protected. This means zero damage to his soles, bulbs, and other soft tissue areas.

Secure Footing is Everything

Green Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots in the Snow & iceFor your horse, a lot of restless energy can accumulate if they are standing in a stall for extended periods of time. When turning him out make sure his feet are protected with his Cavallo Boots before he goes spontaneously blasting around on dangerous footing created by ice, slush, and snow. Heading out with your horse? Throw some studs on his boot soles so you can feel confident to go for a nice, controlled ride during slippery conditions. If deep snow is the issue, use your Cavallos for turnout to eliminate snow-balling.

Studs and stud tool

Water, Water Everywhere But Not a Drop to Drink

As humans, we know that we can eat snow if we ever really need to hydrate, but for horses, this thought doesn’t come to mind. Remember that water intake is important to hoof health and overall body function. Keep a kettle in the barn to warm the water buckets when needed. A little salt in the feed will encourage your horse to keep drinking. This goes for doggies, too!

Who Says a Trail Boot Can’t Double as a Poultice Boot?

If you need to apply a poultice, bandage, or medication, you can easily leave boots on overtop for turnout. Use your Cavallos to combat the effects of ice shards or any other aggressive terrain in your horse’s environment that could impact a tender, healing hoof. The use and benefits of Cavallo Boots are extensive, and hoof rehabilitation and therapy are important features of our boots.

Best Practices

Barefoot and unrestricted hoofs allow the frog and sole to make direct contact with the ground, pumping fresh blood throughout all of the coriums of the hoof. This supports hoof tissue and encourages overall hoof health.

Because Hard, Winter Ground HURTS

If you notice your horse is feeling tender on frozen, hard ground, boot up to give her quick and lasting relief. Cavallos can be left on nearly 24/7 during turnout (we recommend taking boots off at least once a day to monitor for any signs of irritation and to air them out). You’ll see an immediate difference in the comfort level of your horse – and you’ll enjoy the beauty of Winter more, knowing your horse is at ease.

READ HERE to find out about a post-Laminitic horse in Estonia who has been greatly helped by Cavallo Boots during Winters!

Don’t Watch Winter Happen from the Window!

“I purchased Cavallo Trek horse boots and how amazing it is to do a decent pace over gravel roads without fear of stone bruises, driving 6 miles on gravel roads is no problem with my Cavallo boots! Here’s a video to show you…”

– Tracy Kerestesh, Saskatchewan Canada

The Horse Trail Chicks Review Cavallo Trek Boots & Studs:

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And in this short video, Monica and Tupelo of the Horse Trail Chicks are walking on glare ice; you can see Tupelo’s back feet slip, but the fronts (with studded Trek Boots) do not:

Contact Us – We’re Here for You!

If you have any questions or are curious to find out more about booting, remember that assistance is always available from the trusty Cavallo Team!

Just give us a call, toll-free at 1-877-818-0037, email us at or find us HERE!

Wishing you many bright, happy Winter trails,

– Carole

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