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What a Night!

There are truly some remarkable women on this planet and in my opinion Canada holds a lion’s share. Last night’s Toronto event honouring Canadian Women Entrepreneurs lived up to its Gala billing .  Fabulous dresses, fancy tuxedos, camera lights flashing, gifts and smiles, the celebration was laden with nervous anticipation as each finalist wished another well. At an event such as this, even the Presidents and CEOs of multi-million dollar companies wonder if they look OK. “Is my hair alright? Is my dress clinging? Oh, these shoes might be a bit much….” and on. We are real women. Most of us mothers. Many of us wives. We are the children of great women. And sisters to each other in that we strive for excellence together. When the winner (a huge success with the 2 PhD’s and 90 patents!) shed a tear for the support and love of her husband and sons, I quickly lost any resentment for not standing up there in her shoes. It is an abundant honour to have been in that room as one of 3 Trailblazer finalists in Canada. For me it was a really big day because reveling in this milieu of incredibly successful innovative women, I was rewarded with amazing new friendships that will help guide me through the exciting  business challenges that lie ahead.

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