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Your Cavallo News – July/August 2023

Celebrating Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Community
Cavallo Trek Pro giveaway

Make Us Laugh to Win!

YOU could end up with a pair of NEW Trek Pro Boots! Just go to our Facebook post HERE and tell us the lengths YOUR horse would go to for a pair of Trek Pro. The comment that makes us laugh the most will get the boots!

(*PLEASE NOTE – we will NEVER send you a message with a link to click under any circumstances, please be careful of fraudulent messages regarding this and any contest. Please see details at bottom of this newsletter)

Can a Pony Publish a Book? If He's the MAYOR, he Sure Can!

Patrick the Pony, Mayor of Cockington UK, has a new book coming out

The English town of Cockington is very proud of its furry, four-legged mayor! 

Last year, Patrick was officially elected mayor of Cockington after their previous mayor passed away. While Patrick doesn’t rule with a gavel and he hates paperwork, he does provide the public with equine therapy and, like many mayors, he’s great company at the pub and likes a pint or two. 😉

Patrick (with the help of his owners, Kirk & Wendy), has been working on a beautiful book called How a Pony Became Mayor, all about his journey to being elected.  

Please keep an eye out, we will announce once Patrick’s book is released! What a perfect gift for the horse lover or animal loving child in your life!

Farrier's Biggest Challenge Happens to her Own Horse:

"My Mare Stepped on a One-Inch Roofing Nail!"

Using Cavallo Boots for Nail puncture wound in horse hoof
We received this shocking yet inspiring story from Miriam Braun, Quebec Trimmer and farrier:

“I would like to share that my mare stepped on a 1” roofing nail on her left hind. After my local vet radiographed it and received approval from our University Veterinary Hospital, I removed the nail (being a farrier).
I immediately flushed it out, bandaged it, and then I put all 4 of her Trek Boots on for protection and support during the 90-minute drive to the Hospital. There, they performed a multitude of radiographs with a metal probe, and they tapped the joint with a contrast to try and see if there was any penetration.

An MRI was then performed, as the detailed radiographs could not confirm or rule out joint penetration. If that had been the case, major surgery would have been the option.

Very fortunately, no synovial structures were affected. In addition, the nail stopped 5mm from P3, it ever so slightly came in contact with the DDFT. But no penetration! It is THE most fortunate outcome in such a case. I am so very glad to have the boots for her recovery!”

UPDATE: A "Phew" Moment:

Update from Miriam, August 21, 2023: 

Bïa has officially has moved into our large shelter, including the mud-free zone in front, with occasional grass turn-out. All oral and local antibiotics are now done. The wound has dried up and appears to be keratinizing. Monitoring and bandaging continues. Including the protection of her Cavallo Hoof Boots Treks!!!!

– Miriam Braun, Barefoot Trimmer, Quebec

Double Duty: Cavallos for Hoof Rehab

Cavallo Trek Pro Hoof Boot rehabilitation soaking

Cavallo Hoof Boots are an integral part of any hoof rehabilitation process. The SAME boots you hit the trails with double as top-of-the-line rehab boots! They hold your dressings in place, convert to soaking boots and provide comfort, protection and traction. 

So, you can ditch the duct tape and stall confinement! When wearing Cavallos and comfortable in movement, your horse will move, blood will pump, and the circulating nutrients will facilitate healing.

Read about using your Cavallos for Therapy, hoof Rehab and turnout!

Your LEB (Long Ear Boot) Update!

Cavallo LEB Long Ear Donkey Boot Update

Development of our LEB (Long Ear Boot) is taking longer than expected, as we want to ensure that the boots are as good as they possibly can be for our Long-Eared friends. 

The first production trials have now been sent to Megan Hensley of Holistic Hooves (The Donkey Farrier) in California for testing. Upon satisfactory testing, we will then arrange for a production run of boots, and these will be available in USA & Canada later this year. We will then proceed with 3 more sizes, which we expect to be available early 2024.


If you can’t wait, please reach out to our team for help to size your long-eared friend. Many donkeys and mules fit into our current range of existing boots, and we can determine if yours can, too! 

Thank you for your patience, we look forward to delivering comfort and protection to your beloved mules and donkeys! ❤

Pony Express? FREE Shipping Service DELIVERS!

Cavallo hoof boots parcel delivery

Did you know Cavallo Offers FREE Shipping for all orders over $49.95 within Canada & US?

All orders within the USA are shipped via FedEx. For orders over $49.95, Fedex Ground shipping is included in Mainland USA (please note: orders to Alaska and Hawaii will ship via USPS).

All orders within Canada are shipped via Canada Post. For orders over $49.95, Canada Post Expedited parcel service is included for all provinces and territories. 

Are you located in the UK and would like to know where to find Cavallos near you? CLICK HERE!

Are you an international customer and would like to know more about getting Cavallos in your country? Please CLICK HERE!

Cavallo FAQ Time!

Will Cavallo Boots Custom-Fit to my Horse?

You’ve probably heard that once broken in, Cavallo Boots provide a custom fit to your horse – but this does take a bit of time.

Just think of buying a new, high-quality pair of boots for yourself – you wouldn’t want to wear them to work for eight hours the next day without breaking them in! The boots need time to shape to your feet, and your feet will become used to having the boots on. It’s the very same with Cavallo Boots and your horse.

Allow your equine to ‘break in’ their boots gradually, starting with 15 – 20 minutes the first day, and increasing by another 15 minutes each day after, while monitoring the comfort of the hoofs. If you see any signs of irritation, hold off using the boots for a couple of days, then start again. Signs of irritation include: shiny, red or hot skin, or hair being rubbed off.

Soaking or wearing your Cavallos through in water or using a leather conditioner to “work” the leather at the heel bulb will hasten the softening progress. Cavallo Comfort Sleeves or Pastern Wraps or even vet wrap can be used to help prevent any chaffing during the break-in period. 

Wishing you many happy trails,


Carole Herder Cavallo Hoof Boots Signature

Trek Pro Giveaway Details: PLEASE NOTE – we will NEVER send you a link to click to claim a prize. Please be careful of fraudulent messages regarding this and any contest. The winner will be chosen from comments on this Facebook post HERE on  Tuesday, September 12, 2023 2023, and will receive a free pair of Trek Pro Hoof Boots plus free shipping from Cavallo Horse & Rider! Prize holds no cash value ~ Valid Canada & USA only ~ Winner will be contacted by Facebook PM and announced on Facebook and in our Cavallo E-Newsletter.

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