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Trek Pro Now Available to Rock Your World!

Why the new Trek Pro?

Because you’re always seeking the best protection, durability and comfort!

You made the Cavallo Trek Boot the most popular hoof boot in the world. Now, we’re answering your call for a sleeker, updated version of Trek that can be shown off in the arena on showgrounds, and of course, on the trails. Trek Pro is guaranteed to elevate your horse’s look and support their performance!

Boot Like a "Pro"!

The NEW Trek ‘Pro’ Regular Sole Hoof Boot sports an exceptional, fully-molded upper. This modern, streamlined design has features unlike any other boot. But don’t be fooled by its elegant appearance, the Trek Pro stands up to the most rugged terrain, continual turnout and endless miles of travel on the road.

The world’s most trusted hoof boot with the BEST hoof boot warranty keeps getting even better!

Play Video about Cavallo Trek Pro Hoof Boot video

15 Reasons Trek Pro will Become your FAVE Hoof Boot:

  • Superior Trek quality with a sleek, streamlined style
  • Minimal profile, classic, professional look
  • Fully molded upper
  • Molded recesses hold inset D-Rings, minimizing wear & tear
  • Breathable, flexible & lightweight
  • Fully adjustable upper to accommodate lighter and heavier-boned horses alike
  • Incredible abrasion & moisture resistance
  • Exclusive Cavallo moisture drainage system – moisture, mud and debris flow right through
  • Easy to size and fit
  • Easy on, easy to secure & fasten, easy to remove
  • Lightweight Pro-Mesh TPU Upper
  • Provides protection for shod and barefoot horses alike
  • Offers complete hoof protection (soles, bulbs and hoof wall)
  • Multi-purpose: a top-level hoof rehab, turnout AND travel boot
  • No tools or extra parts needed to apply or adjust
What is the difference between Trek Pro and other Cavallo Hoof Boots?

Want the Latest & Greatest?

When the latest iPhones are released, people sleep outside their local Apple store for the excitement of being the first to experience this latest new ’shiny object’. Their current iPhone is still amazing, just like your classic Trek, but isn’t it fun to have your familiar, trusted product with a really show-stopping new look?

Trek Pro Praise from Top Equestrian Instagrammers

Zoey Luna jumping her horse in Cavallo Trek Boots

I am absolutely in love with my Trek Pros! They seem softer and more flexible for jumping. Much more supple yet supportive!” 

–  Zoe Luna, Showjumper, @zlequestrian

The new Trek Pro is an exciting, fresh look on a beloved product. From what I can tell so far, I think it may hold up even better over time than the original Trek! And my oldest pair of Treks has held up amazingly well, over hundreds of miles and many years, so that is sure saying something. I love the way this new model looks and feels!” 

– Rachel Long, @nantucket_blue

Cavallo hoof boots can be used on shod horses

Because Shod Horses Love Comfort, Too

We don’t leave your shod horse out when comfort and extra protection is needed. All Cavallo Boot styles are made to accommodate shod hooves, and Trek Pro is no exception! 

Just pop in a pair of Cavallo Protection Pads to protect the boot soles from the metal shoes, and your shod horse is good to go!

And Wait - Did you Know Trek Pro Leads a Double Life?

Cavallo Trek Pro Hoof Boot rehabilitation soaking

It’s true – like all Cavallos, Trek Pro moonlights as a therapy/hoof rehab boot when needed. Trek Pro is well-built for this purpose with its highly-adjustable uppers (to fit bandages/dressings), breathability and resistance to moisture. 

24/7 turnout is no problem due to Trek Pro’s extreme durability and ease of use. Use Trek Pro to give comfort and protection during healing from any hoof issues including Laminitis, Navicular, thin soles, puncture wounds, thrush, White Line, abscess and more!

Trek Pro Sizing and Fit

Trek Pro is available in sizes 1, 2, 3 & 4 on the Cavallo Regular (rounder) hoof boot sole. Its Regular sole is perfect for horses whose hoof length and width measurements are fairly equal.

Your Best Price is NOW!

Your Trek Pro is offered right now at a SPECIAL introductory price! Get it at this low price for a LIMITED TIME, only!

New Cavallo Trek Pro Boot at all angles

Wishing you many happy trails with your new Trek Pro Boots!

Cavallo President Carole Herder signature
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