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Your Cavallo News – June 2023

Your Cavallo Hoof Boots Newsletter

Meet Chad, the Cavallo-Comfy Disney Horse

Disneyland horse wearing Cavallo Hoof Boots

Friends Stay in Touch…

Tawnie made a fabulous video for Cavallo some years back and we were excited to find an email from her. She wrote to tell us about how she is seeing Cavallo Hoof Boots on Disney Horses! She shared this super cute photo of Chad, a well-known horse, that gives carriage rides at the Disneyland Resort in California.

Chad is a BIG BOY! He’s a Percheron Draft horse and he’s proudly rocking his comfy BFB (Big Foot Boots) here! The boots help to keep his feet and legs from becoming fatigued while providing protection, comfort, traction and support for his big job of pulling carriages on asphalt and hard surfaces.

Chad and the other Disneyland horses were specially chosen for their intelligence and their willingness to learn. You can read more about Chad becoming part of the Disney Team and see a photo of him when he was younger and darker in colour HERE!

Mad for Chad? See photos of Chad and the other beautiful Horses of Disneyland on their Instagram page HERE!

Ever Find Yourself in a Scary Predicament?

While out on the trail, Amy George realized her compass was broken. She found herself in unfamiliar territory. Regrettably, when she paused to re-orient, her horse began sinking down into a bog. She had no idea how deep they would go and even wondered if they would get out at all. It could have been catastrophic.

Happily, as a team, they were able to get out safely and the most amazing thing was – Amy looked down to see that all of Smarty’s Cavallo Trek Boots were still firmly in place!

Watch Amy & Smarty During and After the Bog (Language Warning):

Fortunately, Amy is a TREC GB (Great Britain) rider: a sport that tests the skills of a horse and rider in planning and executing long-distance riding in unfamiliar territory. It originated in France as a way of improving the skills of trail ride leaders and was introduced into the UK in the early 1990s. It is now gaining popularity throughout Europe. 

Known as “the friendliest equestrian sport”, TREC is inclusive; designed to increase knowledge, awareness and enjoyment of the countryside for every rider, no matter their level of ability.

TREC is a popular sport because you can have fun with friends AND your horse, regardless of skill (with the emphasis being on fun!). First-timers are always welcome!

Many TREC riders are using Cavallos for safety, comfort and protection during their rides!

Supertonk and Patty Rule the Road

Supertonk the mini horse wearing Blue CLB's with Patty on a bicycle!

Patty Kramps and her husband Kelly are always out there showing their neighbours in Alberta Canada just how versatile horse activities can be. Patty was recently spotted out with her well-known mini, Supertonk, on a relaxing bike ride. Supertonk was looking for a chance to show off his “spanky, blue CLB Boots” (as Patty calls them!)

Patty sent us a message this week: “Well, decided to try that bicycle thing again – last night we went for a short spin. Supertonk trotted right up with his spanky boots on the front, and an older pair we have on his hinds. He did great, but some sort of pedal “assist” might be required on the bike! HA!! A short outing, but a grand one!! Thank you again, Cavallo!”

Patty, her husband Kelly, and Supertonk all skyrocketed to internet fame a few years back when a post about them skijoring was shared among millions of people on Facebook!

Patty and her husband Kelly also own Patty’s Pony Place. They’re Alberta’s only designers and builders of custom vehicles for mini horses, and they lead the industry in custom work for both equine and driver comfort. Patty also now makes custom harnesses for skijoring that she sells to folks around the world who were inspired by her viral video.

Patty Kramps and her mini horse, Supertonk with Cavallo CLB Boots

Cavallo FAQ Time!

What is the Difference Between Cavallo Regular and Slim Soles?

The Cavallo Regular sole is made length and width equal and is a good fit for a round hoof while the Cavallo Slim sole is ¼ inch narrower than long and a better fit for a more oval-shaped hoof. Please visit our measuring and fitting page for further information.

If you send us your horse’s hoof measurements, we would be happy to help you choose the best size and style. Please upload your photos to us HERE, call our Cavallo Customer Service Team toll-free at 1-877-818-0037 or email us at .

Trek Slim sole and Regular sole

Blog Recap: Is Navicular Really the Beginning of the End?

Using Cavallo Hoof Boots for Navicular Syndrome

Have you ever heard your veterinarian mention the phrase “Navicular Disease” when referring to your beloved horse? It feels like the end. A doom. A life-altering diagnosis. But can there be help for this common (but misunderstood) syndrome?

Let’s talk about what’s happening inside your horse’s hooves and discover how a Navicular horse can be successfully managed. I have some helpful advice for you and I’ve gathered some inspiring stories from people who have helped their horses through a Navicular-Disease diagnosis:

Rescue Spotlight: Wild Hearts Thoroughbred Adoption

Wild Hearts Thoroughbred Adoption Rescue

Here’s the latest addition among the many, in Cavallo’s never-ending determination to give and support by donating a portion of every sale of Cavallo Boots. Wild Hearts Thoroughbred Adoption Society in Princeton, BC, Canada, gratefully trusts Cavallo Boots to ease horses’ suffering from painful hoof conditions and assist in their horses’ rehabilitation to a healthier, happier state.

To see more, visit our Cavallo Gives page:

Hooray for Ron Tatus!

Cavallo Hoof Boots Barefoot Trim Manual!

Three cheers for Ron! 

When we notified Ron that he was the lucky winner of a FREE Cavallo Barefoot Trim Manual & DVD, he was so excited! Guess how he’s going to use it? The BEST way: he’s going to SHARE it!

Here’s his plan: 

“Knowledge is power,” as someone wise advised. This knowledge will be shared with our natural hoof trimmer, whose work has already saved several horses on the verge of being put down. Even one whose coffin bone had broken through. Thank you for all you do. May the Horse be with us!” – Ron Tatus

Thank you to everyone who participated! 

Wishing you many happy trails,


Carole Herder Cavallo Hoof Boots Signature
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