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  • Natural Horse Care

    By Carole Herder There are many great facilities out there promoting better equine health care. People are beginning to understand that shoes, small stables, bad diet and limited exercise are very detrimental to horses and if we want them to live longer and keep comfortable, we must change how we keep these noble and gracious…

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  • laminitis
    Do You Ever Question Your Horse Equipment?

    By Carole Herder Horses like dry, arid environments. Living in a rainforest, this is something I pay close attention to for my horses. If it is too wet, they can develop problems like rain scald. When my horse is out in the field even when a storm is roaring he just wants cover from the…

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  • Are You Treating Your Horse with Bubble Wrap?

    By Carole Herder When I think about physical protection for my horses I consider how they need a safe, adequately spacious, clean and dry shelter for protection. We can easily get caught up in the glamour of building these big, plush, beautiful stables with all the bells and whistles. They can be even more posh…

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  • Hoof Function and Horse Shoes

    By Carole Herder Our horse owner survey results indicate that most people think metal shoes protect the hoof or answer that they shoe their horses because it has always been the way or upon more consideration, admit that they don’t really know. These are answers without real knowledge. The very rudimentary basics of hoof function…

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  • Horse Health Care Au Naturel

    By Carole Herder Here at Cavallo we prefer doing things the ‘au naturel’ way with our equine friends, keeping them barefoot and using hoof boots being the most obvious. There are many ways to avoid pumping synthetic drugs and processed foods into our horses. We have already mentioned Joe Camp’s mineral compound wormers in a…

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