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The Team of Cavallo at Cavalia

We had no idea how touching this experience would be. From the first graphic scene of a beautiful foal’s birth, through the hair raising wild races, bold trapeze artists and the free form stallions, this show held us spellbound. Stallions at liberty on a mid city stage seems like an odd scenario, but the talented athletes of Cavalia orchestrated the show with profound mastery, while the eclectic live band played on.

Greatly inspired, after show we chatted during the barn and horse tour about the benefit of Cavallo Hoof Boots on these hard working horses to help with shock and concussion. Lesley suggested we search for a stallion to breed our fabulous paint mare. Anticipating her next visit with her horse, Krystle was excited to start training for a few tricks, maybe Justin could learn to lay down at a voice command. Carole thought they should all have the Total Comfort System saddle pads to protect their backs. And one friend we met even scratched her weekend barrel race, as she now aspires to have far better communication with her horse before she continues.

It was a great staff outing and we are all motivated to have more “at liberty” experiences with our horses.

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