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What Happens on Brumby Safari with Dr. Brian Hampson?

Bushmob Brumby Ride Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots

Brian, the Brumby Doctor

Dr. Brian Hampson (Ph.D. in Veterinary Science on the Brumby Hoof) is an internationally renowned hoof care expert. He speaks regularly at hoof care forums such as The International Hoof Care Summit (USA), Luwex Farriers Convention (Germany) and The Australian Farriers Conference (Gold Coast). Brian is also a horseman and runs an international Brumby Safari, called Globetrotting.

The safari team specializes in teaching guests to catch, gentle and ride a wild desert brumby from the Australian Outback. Brian’s time in the Australian desert each year includes charity work with BushMob Aboriginal Corporation, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation service for young indigenous people from Central Australia.

Cavallo-Clad Brumbies in Action!

Cavallo is a proud sponsor of Brian’s BushMob treks, taking troubled indigenous youths on long horseback rides into the heart of their indigenous desert country. These rides are designed to take the youths’ minds off the challenges of town life. Brian takes a pair of Cavallo Trek Boots with each horse for the rough stony country during these 200 km treks.

Trek Goes Along on the BushMob Rides

Brian explains why the Trek Boots are important: “Even though we are working with brumbies who have generations of tough desert breeding, their feet suffer on the hard rocky surfaces we encounter crossing over the high rocky ridges between long, dry, sand dune ridden valleys. I like to hang a pair of “Treks” with my hobbles around each horses’ neck to use on these stretches. They’re quick and easy to put on and off and light to carry. I’d rather not shoe them, because if they pull a shoe in the middle of nowhere I’m in trouble! These horses can handle the terrain in their natural environment but suffer when asked to carry a rider or pack saddle. They are happy in boots and cover the 200 km with ease.”

Brian also uses Cavallo Saddle Pads on his riding and pack horses. “They are light and easy to wash down, and they give good padding where I need it. I also use them with my competition horses.”

More about Brian – This Man Walks the Talk!

Brian Hampson, Veterinarian Brumby Hoof ExpertBrian recently won the Kilcoy Stockmans Challenge (one of the few events that were able to run this year, in spite of the challenges of COVID). His horse was his good 5-year-old “Blue”, an Australian Stock Horse, bred by the University of Queensland Vet School Stud.

Brian completed his Masters and Ph.D. at the University of Queensland and he purchases a young, unbroken horse every year at the Annual UQ Stud Sale to train-up and compete on when it’s a 5-year-old. “I like to do the Stockmans Challenge events which include a utility pattern, a reining pattern and either a campdraft or working cow horse run on the same horse. It was nice to win this event on a UQ studhorse. Blue’s UQ brand is an everyday reminder of how fortunate I was to complete a Ph.D. at UQ with the amazing Prof Chris Pollitt. Chris and I both love the science of hoof care and the traditional genetics of the foundation Australian Stock Horses still used at UQ.”

Cavallo is a very proud sponsor of Brian’s incredible rides and events with BushMob! 

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Wishing you many happy trails, atop a brumby or any beautiful horse,

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