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  • Bushmob Brumby Ride Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots
    What Happens on Brumby Safari with Dr. Brian Hampson?

    Brian, the Brumby Doctor Dr. Brian Hampson (Ph.D. in Veterinary Science on the Brumby Hoof) is an internationally renowned hoof care expert. He speaks regularly at hoof care forums such as The International Hoof Care Summit (USA), Luwex Farriers Convention (Germany) and The Australian Farriers Conference (Gold Coast). Brian is also a horseman and runs…

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  • Have you got your Horse’s Back?

    Check another ‘Hot Spot’ when your horse seems sore When your horse looks “off”, pinpointing the root cause can be challenging. Luckily for us, there are not quite as many real problems as the touted solutions available for them. For the smart horse owner, proper horse care involves sifting out reality from dogma. Once you develop…

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  • 2018 BCHBC Rendezvous - photo by Arlene Ladd (view of N Thompson River)
    A Rendezvous to Remember with the Back Country Horsemen of BC!

    Sometimes you get a great group of people together and something special happens. Get a great group of people together who also love horses? Well, something truly MAGICAL happens! At the end of May we sent Jenny to the Back Country Horsemen of British Columbia 2018 Rendezvous in gorgeous Barriere, British Columbia to meet this…

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  • Cavalo Saddle Pads
    Lovable Monty Roberts

    Thank You, Monty Roberts! To love a man like Monty Roberts is easy.  His declares that his life’s goal is “to leave the world a better place than I found it, for horse and for people too.” Isn’t this something noble to aspire to? Monty always makes us feel good too, about what we are…

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  • Image of Jody Childs on her horse while doing a gaited clinic.
    Jody Childs, Gaited Riding University

    “A huge thank you to Cavallo! I am a Cavallo girl who uses their saddle pads, boots, and more for over six years. When you find products that work, you stick with them!” – Jody Childs Thank you, Jody, for riding with Cavallo!

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  • Team Canada heads to World Cup with Cavallo

    American Quarter Horse Association World Cup Cavallo is proud to be an in-kind sponsor of Team Canada as they head to the 20th American Quarter Horse Association International Youth World Cup in Tamworth, Australia from June 23 to July 3, 2016.    Team Canada has been kitted with Cavallo Western All-Purpose, Western Built-up and Full Monty…

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  • Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

    By Carole Herder Yes, we’ve all been there. Scared. The question is – do we calculate the odds and decide to do it anyway? Or are we so controlled by fear that it actually immobilizes our development. There have been instances where I have been nervous and OK let’s face it – downright scared, but…

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  • Cavallo visits Ireland

    By Carole Herder I’ve recently returned from Ireland – yes, that super little green country full rolling hills, miles of rider friendly trails, magical leprechauns and that black velvety liquid they call Guinness. Among the many friendly Irish, Niamh Fitzpatrick (what a great Irish name!) was in attendance at one of my clinics. Sometimes you…

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