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  • Barefoot Horses Strutting Their Stuff

    By Carole Herder There has been some great events on recently around the globe and all have promoted the ever-increasing culture of barefoot or booted. June 2014 saw the Man versus Horse Marathon in Wales take place. This race started in 1980, runs over 22 miles and showcases the merits of men and horses running…

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  • Cavallo Boots In Deep Mud

    Cavallo Sport boots did not come off! Tuesday (Aug 12, 2014) I went on a trail ride with my Rocky Mtn horse (Harley) wearing his front Cavallo Sport boots, which had 20+ miles on them at this point. We had received 3-4 inches of rain in the 3 days prior so the terrain was VERY…

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  • Lulu’s Story

    Hi Cavallo, I thought you might be interested in Little Lulu’s relationship with Treks. February in the snow Lu took a downhill fall at gallop in her pasture, spread eagle face plant and skid for about 40 feet with all four legs spread like wings, from the tracks left behind. If it could stretch it…

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