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The President of Cavallo is a customer too!

There are no horseshoes in heaven

Horse Boots were an integral part of Carole’s personal journey from frustrated rider to a Barefoot Horse  advocate.

Carole took time out from running her North American office to sit down and tell the story of her mare’s transformation: “It’s easy for me to advocate horse boots because I have a lot of history in horse care as well as in business. Early on, I identified that metal shoes didn’t seem like a natural treatment. I, like most horse owners, had problems with every horse – problems that in retrospect I can trace back to their feet. These included unexplained swellings and on-and-off lameness.

Dot, my 4-year-old mare, was  previously a champion cutting horse who’d won the Canadian Supreme Cutting Horse Futurity. In order to achieve that, she’d obviously been worked hard as a young horse and had likely been shod before the age of 2. I now know that shoeing so early prevents the natural growth
and development of the hoof.

When I got Dot, we started training for Barrel racing. She quickly developed symptoms that pointed to an eventual Navicular diagnosis. In frustration, I began my search for alternative answers. Along the way I learned that her feet were actually too small for her body – a tiny 00 for a high performance animal.
After pulling off her shoes, and unsure what direction to take, I found the answer in horse boots. Now when we trail ride, I simply put on our SIMPLE Boots and can go anywhere, over any terrain, at any speed. Dot is comfortable, confident and always willing. And no more lameness and problems. Her hooves have naturally expanded to to a healthy full shape, she is symptom-free, and we’ve shaved seconds off our previous best barrel-racing times!”

Carole has an obvious passion for Natural Hoof Care and for the well being of horses. She is available to speak to your group. Call us toll-free at 1-877-818-0037.

Carole Herder, President of Cavallo Horse & Rider, is a believer.

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