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  • Your Cavallo News – May 2023

    She Would Be in a Very Dark Place… The change in this horse is dramatic and we are so grateful it was captured on video.  When we got Chelsea’s email, we were close to tears watching this “before” video (you’ll see why). Then there was the relief we felt when we saw the “After”…

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  • My Breakup Story – Goodbye to Farrier Don

    Your Horse’s Hooves are In Your Hands As President of Cavallo, one of the most interesting parts of my job is the personal stories you all share with me about your experience with caring for your horse’s hooves. The process of transitioning from shod to barefoot or making a change from one farrier to another…

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  • Do Cavallo horse hoof boots stay on the hoof?
    Do Cavallo Hoof Boots Stay On?

    Do Cavallo Hoof Boots Stay On? You bet your booties they do! More important than style, colour or price, the number one consideration when buying a hoof boot is…will they STAY ON? I live in the rainforest on the West Coast of Canada, and we ride on the roughest of logging roads up our local…

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  • Your Cavallo News – April 2023

    It’s your chance to try EVERY Cavallo boot pad! To enter our contest, just leave us a comment on this post, telling us which Cavallo Pad you want to try most for your horse and why! You will automatically be entered in our draw to win a FREE Cavallo Hoof Boot Pad Party Pack! $109.75 USD…

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  • Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots to help puncture wounds
    Hoof Puncture Wound Preparedness

    No One Expects a Hoof Puncture Wound We can’t always control every part of the surfaces we ride on. Sometimes small, sharp objects are on or in the ground, and there is no way to know they’re there. Your horse may never come up against a hoof puncture wound – but don’t wait until it…

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  • Your Cavallo News! March 2023

    Aaaaand the Best Dressed Award at the Oscars Goes to… THIS Donkey! Photo from USA Today Article: The Adorable Donkey Who Showed Up During the Oscars, Explained “What are you Wearing Tonight, Miss?” “What are you wearing?” has been a much-criticized question on the red carpet these days, but we found ourselves yelling it out…

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  • Winter Laminitis helped by hoof boots
    A Winter Laminitis Saga

    Romeo’s Winter Laminitis Troubles It happens every winter. When the snow and ice build up in the paddock, Romeo the pony suddenly doesn’t want to move. The usually playful and free-moving pony stiffens up, then stands still and squeals when his pasture-mate wants to play. Romeo’s hooves and body hurt. He has been diagnosed with…

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